August 5 2020

What might business strategy during covid 19 be like?

Your business has been partially or completely affected by pandemic COVId-19. Are we going to wait infinitely? Will your customers will wait for you or has started to adopt the change?

Yes as we have changed our daily life-style, our customers too, has changed. They are applying social distancing but not stopped living. A different way of social living, pandemic way of living has started. Rather than meeting personally, we prefer social media life, zoom class the education, accepting the deliveries, and engaged more in telecommunication.

Now it’s the time to think what your customer has adopted, seems your customer has upgraded them digitally. Internet penetration has been significantly increased. How are you digitalizing yourself is the big question? Till when? Till when should we wait, none has the answer. Let’s guess. Everything gets normal soon. BUT there is the uncertainty that everything may or may not gets normal again, This may be the new normal of the changes.

Let’s accept the new normal end of the infinite wait and begin to think digitally different.

Let’s visualize a few new normal of today.

  1. Grocery and vegetables

We have minimized our buying habits and started growing of our own on the corner of our garden, rooftops, and unused lands around. We prefer to buy groceries for a week or possibly for a month rather than visit daily on the market crowd. Home delivery of fresh vegetables, fruits, and groceries has been increasing. Arising the new opportunity for new entrepreneurs or big question for old vendors to become for flexible.

  1. Online Shopping vs window shopping

Window shopping has been getting less attractive towards the online fashion hubs, Instagram, and flooded social media post. Well managed eCommerce has tremendously grown and accepted the investments. A brief customer-centric description with well-shot photographs has leaned customers to proceed with the order and grow the digital sales.

  1. Digital banking and loan scheme

Growth in the user group of digital banking, online transaction ease, and customer awareness played a great role in the pandemic, growing the digital money. Due to the drop in the business loan on the pandemic, Bank has been introducing a new scheme in SME loans, home loans, vehicle loans.

  1. Health and medicine

Rather than frequently visiting the hospital, we have started to learn and follow hygiene habits. Telehealth, medicine delivery, doctors’ appointments, health awareness has been significantly been increased to general levels. Health centers following the trends have started and upgrading the features to their institution.

  1. Avoiding the crowd

Applying social distancing, we prefer to use our private vehicles rather than sharing the public. Avoiding malls, theaters, concerts, we started to enjoy with family and closed group. The use of online entertainment, online streaming, YouTube has been growing.

  1. Trading business

We prefer telecommunication rather visiting, deciding based on information available on the website, social media, or phone inquiry. We trust via word of mouth or personal recommendation. So Trading business has started collecting the customer testimonials, ratings, reviews in their official pages.

8 Things you can do to retain our customer

  1. Manage your official Facebook pages, Instagram, and other social media.
  2. Communicate to your customer via chat, Viber, what’s app.
  3. Build your telecommunication channels, listen to their inquiry.
  4. Upgrade your business via the website, eCommerce, delivery chain.
  5. Manage your fan pages.
  6. Introduce various social offers, long payment schemes, and discounts on online purchases.
  7. Collect the customer’s testimonials, ratings, reviews, and solve the feedback.
  8. Consult with your digital business partner to optimize your digital presence.
Pracas Infosys

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