January 15 2020

E-Bidding Training

Recently on January 12 Pracas Infosys team went out on a journey to discuss and train about E-Bidding. The training session was held on January 13 2020 and January 14 2020 for two days. The training was on Contractor’s Association Morang, Biratnagar.

The trainees were taught at a level from basic to intermediate so no one was facing any difficulties about the training content. Both the founder and CEO were sharing the information passionately so everyone was focused on it with no distractions.

E-bidding training started with creating an Email address. Everything necessary for the E-Bidding process was taught step-by-step with full easiness. Email signature, Email Privacy & security, documents security, scanning documents, making the documents under 1 MB, registering for E-Bidding, Bidding the right way, all of that was taught and the trainees who were not so friendly with technology now know how to do bidding on the internet all thanks to our CEO “Saran Dahal” and Founder “Prakash Upreti”.

Here are some photos of the Event.


PhotoGallery : 


Nitesh Guragain

Nitesh Guragain is currently studying Bsc.CSIT in Birat Multiple College, Biratnagar. He is interested in technology, website development and machine learning. He also has interest in art and music. He has 7 years experience in acting, 2 years in music and 2 years in website development field.

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