September 2 2019

Business Directories of Nepal

Online Directories are web location where user can put their varies information details; such as company name, address, phone number, email, website, Location, Facebook link, social media links etc. It helps to get rank in Google where anyone can promote their business all over the world.

There are many directories in Nepal which are free. Few directories of Nepal are listed below which are not in any specific order.





Ask Baje



Directory of Nepal



Nepal B2B



Yellow Pages Nepal



Reveal Nepal



Kathmandu Directory



Nepal YP






Nepal Yellow Pages



Nepal Yellow Page






Nepali Biz Pages


Dipak Bohora
Dipak Bohora

Dipak Bohora is Data Manager of Sriyog.Com. He has interest in Web Programming, Social Media Marketing & Graphics Designing. He has been affiliated with Pracas Infosys since 2017 as Intern and now he handles data management of Sriyog.Com which provides opportunities in multiple skills.

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