July 13 2018

Create Windows Bootable USB

With the help of Windows Bootable USB, one can install Windows operating system using USB pen drive. It is beneficial in many ways. One doesn’t have to buy a Windows DVD drive or face difficulties like burning the operating system in a DVD drive. At least 8 GB pen drive is necessary to create Windows bootable USB. This process supports any windows including windows 7, 8 and 10.

Here’s how to create a Windows bootable USB.


  1. At first download Windows .iso file from internet or copy from anywhere. To download .iso file of windows 7 x64 [ click here ]



 2. Scroll down to find download options and select either “TORRENT” or “ISO IMAGE”, select “TORRENT” for torrent download and “ISO IMAGE” for direct download.



3. After clicking any one option, 3.4 GB windows .iso file starts downloading (here download started after clicking “ISO IMAGE”).

Note : See how to download torrent file with uTorrent Click Here



4. Now wait for the download to complete and download “Rufus”. To download Rufus [ click here ]



5. Scroll down to find download option and click on the marked spot.



6. Downloading will start and after the file downloads, click on the downloaded file.



7. Click “run” and then the application will open.



8. Insert an empty USB drive and press start after opening the .iso file. 



9. Click “OK”. Be sure to make USB drive blank or empty otherwise the process will format the drive. 



10. Wait for the process to complete. When it says ready click on “CLOSE” 


Disclaimer : In case any link doesn’t work, search in Google to find an alternative.

Nitesh Guragain
Nitesh Guragain

Nitesh Guragain is currently studying Bsc.CSIT in Birat Multiple College, Biratnagar. He is interested in technology, website development and machine learning. He also has interest in art and music. He has 7 years experience in acting, 2 years in music and 2 years in website development field.

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