June 8 2019

How to Download uTorrent

A peer to peer (P2P) file sharing system which is downloaded and uploaded as file, folders or group of files is known as Torrent. The downloads are splitted with multiple nodes to reduce bandwidth. The popular files are movies, TV shows, music, videos, large files, operating systems.

When we need to download large files from internet we use Torrent which is sent via the BitTorrent protocol. Movies, Games, Files, Songs, Application, Softwares and many more things can be downloaded from internet through Torrent.

The piece of .torrent file can download many GBs of files from one location to another location. The download speed of torrent depends upon seeds, peers and leechers.

Seeds : A seeder is a person whose torrent file is opened in any torrent software which has been downloaded and is being uploaded to share.

Leechers : Leechers is the person who is downloading and uploading the file at same time.

Peer : Peer is the person who is downloading and uploading files in pieces. When small bits of files are downloaded in pieces the same time the files are automatically uploaded to shared.


  1. Open any browser and Go to www.utorrent.com

2. Scroll down to find “uTorrent classic”


3. Choose “Basic free”


4. Click on “Keep” button


5. Double click to open installer


6. Click on “Run”


7. Click on “next”


8. Click on “next” again


9. Click on i “agree”


10. Click on “decline” if you don’t want to install Avast Free Antivirus


11. Click on “decline” to avoid installing Opera


12. Creating shortcut options


13. Choose options as per as your need


14. utorrent starts “installing”


15. Tick or Untick launch uTorrent and click on “Finish”


16. uTorrent windows will open


17. Open torrent file which has been download from web ( Here the file was downloaded from CentOS website as .torrent file)


18. Option to select located file name and tick desired files


19. The file starts downloading

20. The download depends upon seeds, peers and leechers.

Dipak Bohora
Dipak Bohora

Dipak Bohora is Data Manager of Sriyog.Com. He has interest in Web Programming, Social Media Marketing & Graphics Designing. He has been affiliated with Pracas Infosys since 2017 as Intern and now he handles data management of Sriyog.Com which provides opportunities in multiple skills.

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