September 27 2019

How to Start an IT Company?

After graduating in IT field, many people face the dilemma about their future career. which career would be best for them. A good career for IT graduates can be starting a new IT company. but without proper guidance or information, the company might not be as good as imagined. The information below provides knowledge about “How to start an IT company in Nepal”.

  • Market Survey:

The first thing to do is analyzing the area company is going be started in. Set clear goal on what needs to be surveyed. Find out every detail that is useful. Check the business or organization and collect their information. Find their social media marketing report. Check if the company have a website. Find schools and colleges in the area and check the market, make a list of everything, any company will need within the reach.

  •  Team Formation:

While forming the team, select different people who may have expertise in different field, to be able to do different services. Establish a leadership and Build good relationship between the employees. Select a team by their expertise or talent. Find out who can handle what type of work or who can invest for the company, or whether there be a third party investor. Set ground rules for the team to work in a similar way.

  • List of Services You Can Offer:

After forming the team, check the services the team can offer. Find out if any business needs the service. Convince the business to use service by letting them know the benefit of service to their business. IT Company can offer services like Email hosting, web designing, Digital marketing, IT consultancy, computer repairing, App developing, Mobile IT Support service and making customized management system software for other companies like school, colleges, micro-Finance and cooperatives, supermarkets, hospitals and almost in every field.

  • Digital Services:

(web hosting account, SSL certificates, Domain name account, Facebook payment option, chat and support accounts,etc.)

  • Office Space/Co-working Space:

A good location and space is necessary for the office. The office should be easily accessible to the clients, choose the location where most people can be the company’s customer. Office should be client friendly. If most of the clients visit by vehicle, a good parking lot is helpful. Being IT company, high speed internet and telephone is necessary. office should have tables and chairs. Similarly waiting room is necessary if all customers cannot be handled at once. Similarly rent of the office should also be considered, only rent the apartment which is affordable to the office, or rent a required big apartment if necessary even if it’s a little expensive, considering the fact company is making good money to pay expensive rent. Co-working space can also be used as office. A Co-working space provider company rents an apartment/buildings/floor and make every flat work friendly. A flat can be used as company’s office provided by Co-working space providers.

  • Company registration:

It is necessary to know what type of registration should the company be registered to. Whether the company should be registered to private limited, locally. Should the company be register as proprietorship. Business/Company trademark should be registered.

  • Leads management:

Manage the leads, collect from various sources, find from website, landing pages, subscription form, local newspaper, yellow pages, directories etc. collect every information like the business information, phone number, email, website status, etc and manage the records in excel or any other information management software.

  • Marketing and Promotion:

Marketing and Promotion is great way of letting people know about the company and its services. People will not use the offers if they don’t even know about the services company is providing. By promoting the company many people will know about it and will be the company’s customer. Team can visit the business personally to offer the service. Forming a crew to reach and approach people who are likely to be the company’s customer is a good strategy. IT company and its services and offer can also be promoted in Email, SMS, Newspaper, Radio, etc. By paying a little amount or free in some case, company and its business can be promoted to reach a wide audience.

  • Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is very essential for any IT company. IT is mainly connected to the technology and whoever needs the service, are more likely to be connected to the internet. Digital marketing is more likely to gather more clients because an IT company may not have any offer for a newspaper reader but certainly have some service to offer a technology/internet user. Information should be regularly updated in Social Medias. Email campaign should be held and social media promotions should be done to gather more technology friendly audience to make them customers.

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  • Finance:

Running a company means doing business. While doing a business finance or transactions should be monitored well. If any financial error may occur company may go bankrupt. Record related to finance should be kept track of. Financial records, sells, expenses, income etc should be well securely kept.

  • Out Sourcing:

If any errors or problems occur that the team cannot fix, there should always be a backup to fix the problem. The problem can be sent to an expert or another IT company by the team. If there’s no management of an outsourcing, customers may not prefer the company as it would take more time to figure out the problem without expertise and the work done will not be any perfect either. Out Sourcing is very important. In case of any big project problems, technical difficulties, security error occurs, the work should be outsourced.

  • Franchising of a company:

Working as a company’s franchise is also very helpful. The company would be working in the name of another bigger renowned IT company. If a company is franchised by a renowned IT company, client would have more trust. The company is more likely to get more projects.

  • Support and maintenance:

Work is not over after doing a certain project, support is necessary for the customers. Customers should be satisfied in order for the company to grow. If the customer is satisfied, more customers will be on the way to use the service that the company has to offer. Supporting the clients and regularly maintaining their services is necessary, monitor the tax and fill the tax if necessary. Make the client and service interface easy and convenient. Doing the confusing and hard work yourself and making all the work that customer uses easy is one of the best service a company can provide.

Note: This blog is written with the perception and view of the writer, perspective may vary from one person to another.

Nitesh Guragain
Nitesh Guragain

Nitesh Guragain is currently studying Bsc.CSIT in Birat Multiple College, Biratnagar. He is interested in technology, website development and machine learning. He also has interest in art and music. He has 7 years experience in acting, 2 years in music and 2 years in website development field.

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