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July 30 2019

Temporary Email Address

Temporary/Disposable Email address also known as dark Email address, is like a use and throw Email address. A person can create temporary Email address to access websites that needs login, so that the identity will remain anonymous. A person may want to download some contents from a website, but dont want to receive spam mails and bothersome notifications. Temporary Email can later be deleted after the use and another disposable can be made easily whenever needed so a person will not be bothered with the notifications website sends in the future.

There are many temporary Email websites. Lets try to create a temporary email address using Temp Mail.

Following steps will help you “learn to create and use temporary email address” .


Temp Mail

Creates temporary Email address for 60 minutes. [ Visit Website ]

  •  Visit the website

As soon as someone visits website, Temp Mail provides a temporary email address which can be copied and pasted to sign up in some website.

Temp Mail



  • Use the Email address

Lets use the created email address. In this case the email is used to sign up in a website called pixabay.

Sign up Pixabay

After entering recently created temporary email address, try signing up in any website.


Signed up

Successfully signed up, now some websites will send the activation link of the account to check the email entered is genuine.

Go to the Temp Mail website to check activation link in the inbox.

Inbox in temp mail

The email is received from the website we tried to sign up using temporary email address.

Checking the content of the inbox, activation link can be found.

Activation link


Now copy the link and paste it in a browser to activate the signed up website profile.

Pixabay signup

Fill out rest of the details to access the website using the profile created by temporary email address.

Delete the Email afterwards if the purpose is fulfilled or it would delete itself after 1 hour.


Some other famous temporary email address providers are:

Nitesh Guragain
Nitesh Guragain

Nitesh Guragain is currently studying Bsc.CSIT in Birat Multiple College, Biratnagar. He is interested in technology, website development and machine learning. He also has interest in art and music. He has 7 years experience in acting, 2 years in music and 2 years in website development field.

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