October 21 2019

The hidden secrets of Information Technology

History of IT in Eastern Nepal

Established at the second largest city Biratnagar and also an Industrial hub in the year 2064 B.S Pracas Infosys has established itself as one of the country’s most trusted and notable IT companies over the past few years. Pracas Infosys has been the country’s first ever organization to reach the highest number of domain registered in past days. The aim of this organization was to bring a revolution in the field of IT in the small nation of Nepal and to introduce its country name to the whole world in the sector of Information Technology.

With the aim of reaching all the cities of the nation and also the global market, this organization has been working to establish its reputation over the years and has achieved great achievements over the decade, being the first ever organization to introduce radio streaming in Eastern Development Region and also the e-paper that allowed peoples to read news over an inter connected network also known as the Internet. Over the years this organization has worked with various NGO’s and INGO’s. With the many ups and downs over the political situation of the country, it has also faced many problems over the years and though has been standing tall over a decade past history. With the nation being changed into a Democratic Country, and also with the new Constitution many IT enthusiasts have been hoping for a drastic change into the Technological sector of the Nation. With facing many ups and downs this organization still stands tall and is one of the well reputed ones among its various competitors. With vigorous dedication it is still able to maintain its reputation through a lot of hard work and countless number of times that were spent to reach its goal.

This organization motto being “Customers satisfaction is the biggest Success ever”. In a ranking done in 2014 in the sector of Information Technology this organization stood 16th overall the nation which is quite note worthy and to be proud of. It is even the organization to make the highest amount of websites among the developing cities excluding the countries capital. It has also established itself as one of the most trust worthy domain registration organization of its nation over the past decade.

Biratnagar Airport

Pracas Infosys has kind of brought a revolution in its Eastern part of the nation. Now the various organizations that lies on the eastern part of the nation don’t have to come to the capital city for various IT related works as this organization can deal with almost all kind of task related to the Information Technology. Worked with more than a hundred organizations, this organization has its web server located in various parts of the world like Dallas, Toronto and Paris. To target the nearest location many of these servers are kept and it also has its own FTP and e-mail servers and it also provides customers with Domain registration, which is the key behind providing customers with reliable services.

This organization provides customers with various services like web development, redesigning and hosting as well as it can also make e-commerce websites for its customers. It has a daily server backup system which allows files to be backed up for 30 days straight without any question. The services provided by this organization is Website designing, Web Application, Corporate E-mails, Bulk SMS, Software development, Mobile Applications, Digital Media Marketing and many more.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting

Simply put web hosting is the ability to make a file make available for users all over the world to access it by residing it to a special server computer. Everything related to that domain like the audios, videos, texts and pictures need to be kept on that very server which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world with an Internet Connection. This organization provides it’s customers with server uptime guarantee of 99.99999% that is very good in ratio.

Domain Registration Process

domain registration nepal

The process of registering .np, org.np which is for free but what you need is the valid documentation of your organization as well as the signed request letter in letter pad. Whereas to register .com domain one doesn’t need to have any sorts of verified documentation, and also ones can choose the suitable domain name if it is available, but this sort of domain only lasts for 365 days and if not renewed gets expired. To check for NP domains one’s can go to www.register.com.np, and for the .com domains ones can go to www.godaddy.com

Website Redesigning

website redesigning

Simply put as website redesigning maybe similar to the reconstruction of the houses or the various heritage sites to keep it up and running. To ensure that an organization keeps on fighting with its competitors, website redesigning is important. It is basically like upgrading various templates, themes to make sure you are updated and are still fighting on the market with your other various competitors.

Corporate E-mails

business email nepal

It is about setting up an email address to different organizations for intercommunication which is safe and secure for the organization as they will have their own personal business email .Through this way they can inter communicate easily with each and every departments of an organization from marketing department to the finances and many more. It is about creating each and every individuals email based on the organization. And with this we can also setup the automatic reply function for the users if they aren’t available or are on leave.

When an organization hires an employee for sales department, he creates email on Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! As firstnamelastname32@gmail.com, the things goes well, email works as blazing speed but when he decides to leave the company the companies owner may not be able to trace back the data, conversations, contacts from his mails and in another hand when the employee leaves his email to his leaving organization he has to hand over his personal data, browsing history, photo backups, data stored in Google Drive, his core information saved in Google Password and more his various system connected or verified with email while his subscription in any personal social media account, banking login details and private emails sent by his friends and family but if the organization has its own personal email sales@organisation.com.np then it is possible for the organization to transfer as well as access all the mails or handover to new employee without any hassle.

Digital Media Marketing

digital marketing nepal

Selling, promoting & branding any products through any means of digital media like Facebook, Instagram, Mass Email, Bulk Email, Google Ads, Facebook Advertising etc are known as Digital Media Marketing where any area, group, interest, demography, place, age group, gender, interest, event etc can be targeted easily. In a single line; marketing your own business over the internet.

In today’s world media marketing is one of the trending World-wide ways to sell your products online and is reaching many people over the Internet where boarders are not boundaries. It is also about how you attract people sitting in one corner of the world and selling in another corner. The way you advertise your product, market it and make global brand over the Internet.

Like for example Google AdS which is also a platform for digital media marketing and many users use it to promote products online and also the ads that comes up on YouTube is also an example of Digital Media Marketing or the ads that comes on your phone whenever you use a certain application.

Targeted marketing is a way of attracting audiences based on their searches and frequently asked questions and their internet browsing history, once can find out their interest and target them for the advertisements where cookies plays a vital role to track visitors history to show relevant ads.

How to optimize a Website

website optimization

With many websites running over the Internet, it’s for sure that not every one of them are successful. There is a huge competition and many organization want their websites to be a success. There are various ways in which ones can optimize a website and some of them are described below:-

  • Commenting on various global web pages about your website can also make a difference as many users may click the link to access the site.
  • While making a visiting card ones should also include his/her organization’s website which is also a way of marketing and advertising.
  • There are countless websites found on the internet today, but not each one of them are successful and in order for it to reach countless number of peoples and businesses must need to have a SEO in order to ensure that they are one of the competitors on the global market and they also need to update certain metatags over and over again to make it more successful. Where content is always THE KING.
  • Advertisement and Marketing plays a vital role in today’s world and making a hoarding board about ones web page is a very good and reliable way to advertise one’s webpage.
  • Selling, promoting & branding any products through any means of digital media like Facebook, Instagram, Mass Email, Bulk Email, Google Ads, Facebook Advertising etc are known as Digital Media Marketing where any area, group, interest, demography, place, age group, gender, interest, event etc can be targeted easily. In a single line; marketing your own business over the internet.

How to select a good company to design a Website?

web design company nepal

Websites can be made from anyone and from anywhere around the world, but there are many things on which we need to focus while selecting a company. Only Googling to find out the best company for website designing wont be sufficient, but finding out for how many years has that company been working in this sector and its manpower are also the key. Below are some of the important points that one needs to notice in order to select a good company :-

  • What is the technical expertise of the company that you are choosing to make a website with, and also which types of website does that company makes also plays a vital role.
  • How the company optimizes the website in order to display it on top of Google or other search engines also plays a key role.
  • Which hosting server does the company uses also needs to be focused on, either that company uses shared, re-seller or a dedicated server needs to be known.
  • The manpower behind the company that develops the website, whether there are experienced manpower or not also determines the way in which the website is made.
  • Whether the company is officially registered or not.
  • The reliability of the server that you are going to host your website on.

What is an SEO and how does it work?

what is google rankbrain

According to the latest update of Google algorithms, RANKBRAIN is the major factor which analyzes the rank. Apart from Google there are few competitors like Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex Search and more. The keywords, meta tags, proper content, dwelling time of website visitor manages the proper rank in search results & determines the way people search things over the internet like a simple things  to deliver their rich experience of crawled results over cyber sphere.

A guy searching for best college in any city or country after his school, searched on the internet for the best colleges over the Internet.  Whenever people search place over the internet they use common and regularly used words or any pieces of words or sentence which has been already crawled and managed by Google Bots where no human but a command of million lines of codes are used to generate language as system which is known as Artificial Intelligence which sometimes called as Machine Learning Method. The best example would be Google, whenever we type some words Google automatically suggests some references which is also known as a Search Suggestions. It is one of the    world’s most trending thing as there are billions of websites around the Internet and also is a  challenge for the user’s to optimize their page in such a way that it makes it to the top of the listings of the things that you search.

There are countless websites found on the internet today, but not each one of them are successful and in order for it to reach countless number of peoples and businesses must need to have a SEO in order to ensure that they are one of the competitors on the global market and they also need to update certain keywords over and over again to make it more successful.

Technology in Education

technology in education nepal

In this growing world of Information Technology, in almost each and every place technology is being used. Back in the days Computers were only taught to higher level students after the class 8, but with this rapid growing world of technology, Computers as a subject have been taught from a small level for the development. Likewise technology can be used in various ways in education and some of them are mentioned below :

  • Website can be made of the educational institutions, with all required information about the institution like location, pictures, location, principle’s vision and the details of the graduated students can be maintained along with a news board.
  • Bulk SMS can be used which provides sending message to a bulk number of users in a click which can be a good way to send information in a lighting fast speed and to notify students of a certain notice.
  • Software’s can be developed in order to keep the records of the students along with their fee structures, parents phone number, accounts, transportation, admission, attendance and much more which is easy and reliable.
  • Institutions can use social medias to promote itself by including general information, pictures, and the events that are going to be hold which a great way to advertise it to the general public.
  • With surveillance system an institution can easily track of what is going on in every corner of its institution with the help of installed CC cameras and that too live.
  • With mobile devices being common and almost every person using it nowadays, signal jammers can be used by educational institutions to ensure that the students are not using their phones while on the classroom. A signal jammer jams the mobile phone network, but the landline phones are not effected by it.
  • In many cases of an educational institution, students are deprived of a certain book they want to read or they need to wait for a week or so in order to read them. E-library can be used which ensures that each and every student gets the book he/she wants to read and don’t have to wait in the queue for their turn.
  • Many institutions already are implying e-attendance which can be quite reliable and sophisticated as the mentors don’t have to call each and every student asking their names or roll numbers and finding out whether he/she is present or not. With the advancement in technology there are three types of e-attendance system, card swipe system that was an old technique and was found to be misused by many students. Thumb reader system which scans the thumb of a person and according to it scans it and gives the result, and the trending thing nowadays in this sector is an Eye Retina Scan system which scans the retina of the eye and gives the result.

Reference : Mr.Prakash Upreti’s book named “Introduction to Technology“.

Prasanna Dhakal
Prasanna Dhakal

Prasanna Dhakal has recently completed his Bsc.CSIT from Orchid International College, Kathmandu. He is interested in Technology, Data Science, Database Management & Analysis. He also has interest in music.

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