April 14 2019

Beware of KeyLoggers

Keyloggers : (software based keylogger)

Most of the cases people uses their email in public computer in Nepal. The things comes when you are using super public computer in the places like cyber cafe, school/library and other some places. Well ! it works for the first time and in the second time , when you try to log the email/facebook/internet banking it shows the errors.


The very simple process, and the most common heard word ,”hack” “hacked” or “hacking”. Now it will be your private word or you are victim . There are many types of email hacking system or some very less knowledgeable people can misuse your login details.

If you are newbie or have just started email/internet then it wont effect more, but for power users it will make a great destruction. The way people can make you victim in keylogging :

1. Email
2. Facebook Account
3. Internet Banking
4. Other social sites
5. instant messengers

What actually is Keylogger?

A keylogger is a small program which logs your activity in the computers & laptops. This program can be found very easily even freeware. When the program is installed properly, it starts working. There r two types of getting the activity information.

1. By using the same computer
2. The Keylogger program sends emails.

What they do ?
1. saves all email, chat , instant messages activity
2. save the whole window in certain time
3. emails all the activity
4. saves all username and password
5. saves all keyboard types
6. monitors all the open program / closed program
7. Records screens

Suppose , you entered in the cyber and started your session , then the keylogger starts working in hidden mode and save the logs and as per as the setting it starts email to the provided email address. You will be unknown abou the the things and activity. There are many types of keylogger which works in very hidden mode and saves all the data and

This can be set to any user or all users. In the other hand its more useful in offices , where every employee is tracked with his/her activity and also will be useful for making monthly record and other purposes too.

How to get rid or keyloggers :

1. use virtual keyboard when using internet banking
2. avoid using internet banking in public or shared computer
3. use reliable cyber cafe
4. use computer and laptops with genuine antivirus
5. be sure to confirm the laptop/computer owner about it
6. use reliable hardware maintenance vendor
7. do not allow other people to operate your personal computer / laptop
8. if you frequently give laptop/computer to other people then make a guest user for it , so guest cant install program or any softwares.

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