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December 3 2019

How to make your Mac Grayscale

How to make your Mac Grayscale

The Macintosh; branded simply as Mac is a computer branded and sold by Apple. The Macintosh was the first mass-market of personal computers that featured a graphical user interface, built-in screen and mouse. There are various functions present within a Mac and one of them is the color settings, from which one’s can convert their colorful screen into grayscale. Colorful screens, poor color combinations on several pages or images can strain one’s eyes if looked into the screen for a long period of time. Switching the screen to black and white can prolong the time of wearing out the eyes. Here is the way on how to switch your Mac into grayscale mode without using third party application programs:

1) Move the cursor of the mouse to the top left of the screen, click on the Apple logo and from the drop down menu, select “System Preferences”.

mac grayscale,black and white,turn into grayscale,how to make mac screen grayscale

2) From a list of options on System Preferences, choose Accessibility.

how to make mac screen grayscale,black and white,grayscale mode,grayscale print

3) Next go to the option named “Display”.

how to make mac screen grayscale,black and white,print grayscale


4) On the Display menu, on the right side there is the “Use grayscale” option, click on that option to activate the grayscale mode.

how to make mac screen grayscale,grayscale,black and white,print grayscale

Prasanna Dhakal
Prasanna Dhakal

Prasanna Dhakal has recently completed his Bsc.CSIT from Orchid International College, Kathmandu. He is interested in Technology, Data Science, Database Management & Analysis. He also has interest in music.

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