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April 15 2017

How to get rank in YouTube? How it Works?

How google YouTube algorithms works ?

YouTube rank is based on their own recommendation system. The algorithm fetches most personalized, relevant, recommended, liked, subscribed, trending, subscribed videos to deliver from it’s system. The core part is not only content or any luring videos but the number of engagements.


History of YouTube :

3 Guys, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim launched YouTube in 2005. Sequoia Capital invested $11.5 Million in 2005. The first uploaded video by Karim was named as “Me at Zoo”. Nike commercial video was the first video to receive one million views in YouTube. Chad Hurley registered the trademark, logo, and domain of YouTube on Valentine’s Day 2005 which became a herculean gift to entire world.


Google acquired YouTube

Seeing YouTube’s rapid growth, Google acquired the company which was less than a year later for around $1.6 billion. A 4.12 minutes video uploaded on 15 July 2012 uploaded by a simple guy made a global mark to know the whole netizens know the video without it’s meaning.


Who is Jawed Karim?

Jawed Karim, son of Bangladeshi father and German mother was born on 28 October 1979. He server as internship at Silicon Graphics. Jawed met Chad Hurley while working in PayPal. They founded YouTube three years later in 2005 and the first video was uploaded by him which was named as “Me at the Zoo”. Karim is one of Airbnb’s first investors with his initial round in 2009.


Search Engine Optimization on YouTube. 


Keywords – How to boost YouTube video? YouTube SEO Tips, Get ranked in YouTube

Any YouTube video takes 4 weeks to get searched properly. There are many ways and metrics which helps to get rank. Algorithm are in back and proper title, description, file name, caption, keywords, playlist are essential things to get ranked.


man using YouTube


Well, from the long time it is said that Content is King but consistency is queen too. The critical phase is 48 hours. In YouTube subscriber conversion is key factor where comment plays vital role to get good rank. Tag optimization helps to get listed in relevant tags. The art of making eye-catching thumbnail makes an impact to get clicked in the video. Making Multi Language closed caption can help viewers to understand easily.


Top ten factors to get rank in YouTube

  1. Title
  2. Content of Video
  3. Description
  4. Tags
  5. Keywords
  6. Appealing Thumbnail
  7. Language
  8. Unique content
  9. Avoiding keyword stuffing
  10. Comments, Subscribers and likes


YouTube SEO Tips

When video starts progressing the rank in YouTube, number of seconds user watch is calculated along comments in video, the number of times video is shared in social media and the number of video backlink or video embedded in any website.

Sometimes video thumbnail can be panic to YouTube videos, trademark infringement, unprofessional looks, color can trouble the video. Heavy use of annotations, video with no sound or distorted sound should be avoided.


The essential things to follow on every video.

  1. Length of video
  2. Sound & narration of video
  3. Video quality
  4. Video standard
  5. Normal ads
  6. Language can’t be bar but the presentation should be great
  7. Avoiding force subscription
  8. Proper starting and ending of video
  9. Create magic in 10 seconds
  10. Make people to share video but never force them to encourage



What is YouTube playlist ?

YouTube playlist organizes related video in one playlist (hence call links of video) which places in one bunch. It manages video in one category where videos can be managed to one link which can be shared in public or private. It ease to share, play, embed and even download videos at once.


How to download YouTube Videos/ Playlist?

YouTube never allows to save YouTube videos rather than it’s own app but there are third party tools and software which helps to download videos in any format, few are free, few are on its limitations and some are paid. YouTube videos can be downloaded from browsers too.


Don’t be smarter than YouTube or  it’s algorithm.

Make sure the video do not contain any copyright music, trailer of any movie or TV shows, any sexual related video(YouTube has its own guidelines for videos), the video must be original and unique. In simple language, give uniqueness.

Not a crime, but comparison of competitor’s keywords is very necessary to study but don’t copy paste.

Prakash Upreti
Prakash Upreti

Prakash Upreti, Holds 16+ years of experience in IT Consulting, resident of Biratnagar Nepal, 2005 IT Graduate from Hyderabad India, has been running an IT venture since 2007 with renowned brands of Nepal. WordCamp speaker, guest lecture in various colleges & academic institutions, technological geek, blogging since 2005 in WordPress platform and runs a startup which is Nepal’s largest part time network of professional people whom we need in our daily life which can be seen in www.sriyog.com

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