March 6 2019 Update process

Box is an application for viewing, editing and sharing your files securely in the cloud.  It allows content to be stored in online, so it can be accessed, managed, and shared from anywhere. Access Box on mobile devices or seamlessly sync files to your laptop or desktop computer. It is a cloud computing business which provides sharing files, collaboration with others, and other tools for working with files that are uploaded to its servers. In Box users can also  direct how their content can be shared with other users. Users can also invite others to view or edit an account’s shared files, upload documents, shared files folder & photos, and give other users rights to view shared  files or documents. There are three types of account available : Enterprise, Business and Personal. There are official application for Windows and MAC OS, but not for Linux.

Here are the some process to upload photos, any documents or files :


1) Open web Browser type then enter your Email account and press “Next” button.



2) Enter your “Password” then click on “Log In” button.



3) Now go to website then Drag white cloud in black shades.



4) Press Button On “Upload” and it also show the “User” list.



5) Select a “File” or “Folder” to upload.



6) Select a file or a photos then press “Open” button.



7) Now file is uploaded.



8) Click the icon to toggle sidebar which will show the big window.



9) Double Click On File to Open it.



10) Now the file opens this can also be seen in fullscreen. Click on “fullscreen” icon to open file in full screen. 



11) Now file is in Full Screen. To exit from full Screen press button “Esc” 



In case of deleting any files or folders :


12) Go to Option then press “More Option”.



13) Click on “Trash” button. ( In case if you want to delete the file.)



14) Click on “Okay” button.



15) Now File is Deleted.



Nischal Bhagat
Nischal Bhagat

Nischal Bhagat is currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology & Computing at Itahari International College. He has passion of Technology, Social Media, Programming, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. He is currently affiliated with Pracas Infosys where he handles Support & Updates of Website issues, fixes email related problem.