September 25 2018

Enable Two Factor Authentication in Facebook

Two factor authentication is an extended security feature in Facebook which prevent unauthorized login to Facebook account. 2FA which is knows as Two factor Authentication which needs 2 ways of security while login in any user account online. The 1 needs to submit password and the second way is verified by verification code sent on the same registered mobile phone number. In two factor authentication, enter a special code in addition to password each time you log in to Facebook. Code will either be sent via SMS or via Email. If someone tries to log in, code will be sent so it works as alert notification too.

To turn on “two-factor authentication” follow these steps:

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Click on “Settings”.


3. Click on “Security and Login”.



4. Scroll down to “Use two-factor authentication” and click on edit.



5. Click on “Get started”.



6. Choose a security method.



7. Fill in the required terms. In here enter the country code and phone number.



8. Wait to receive the code and then enter the code.



9. Click “Finish”.


Nitesh Guragain
Nitesh Guragain

Nitesh Guragain is currently studying Bsc.CSIT in Birat Multiple College, Biratnagar. He is interested in technology, website development and machine learning. He also has interest in art and music. He has 7 years experience in acting, 2 years in music and 2 years in website development field.

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