January 8 2019

How to create and manage Hello Bar?

Hello Bar is an amazing app created for conversion modify to achieve maximum efficiency in storage capacity or time or cost. It gives feedback and reviews from thousands of users quickly. The small piece of scripts allows to create various types of popups and collect leads from your website.

The app is very easy to use, customization, and it works on all platforms. Hello Bar present a specific message to your users & visitors, without distracting them from your regular content. Hello Bar helps to Increase Social Interactions & Lead Generation.

The following steps helps to signup, create, manage interacts to generate leads in website : 


1) Open web browser and type www.hellobar.com



2) Select on “Create free account”



3) Enter your detail
i) Type your website URL
ii) Enter your Email.
iii) Type your password
iv) Click mark in “I agree to the Hello Bar”
v) Press button in “Create Your Free Account”



After completing this steps, a welcome email is sent your id


4) Now open an invitation mail sent in a gmail then click on message of “Hello bar”



5) Select a link to continue a process.

i) If You are invited through a gmail then click button on first link.
ii) If you are not invited then follow the second link to setup a password for your account.



6) Click button In “Proceed”



7) Enter Email ID and create a new password.



8) Now Id is created. There are many function in “Hello Bar” like
i) The List of website will be displayed there.
ii) The list of viewers with in month are displayed there
iii) Email address will be displayed there.
iv) In Manage, the popup banner can be added or edited.
v) In Analyze, Its
vi) This System helps to collect emails from website.
vii) In Settings, It helps to change URL and timezone of different country
viii) In Help, It helps to get a solution of Default category.
ix) To create a new website.
x) It displays the lifetime Viewers
xi) It displays the Number of clicks.



9) Click on “Manage” button.


No alt text provided for this image


10) Then, click on “Edit” button in the right side of the page.


No alt text provided for this image


11) Press button on “Change Template” to Replace it, then select a Template.


No alt text provided for this image


12) Press button on “Modal Styling” to change Color, X-Out Color, Default text color, Placement etc


No alt text provided for this image


13) Click on “Image”  to upload new image.

No alt text provided for this image
Nischal Bhagat
Nischal Bhagat

Nischal Bhagat is currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology & Computing at Itahari International College. He has passion of Technology, Social Media, Programming, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. He is currently affiliated with Pracas Infosys where he handles Support & Updates of Website issues, fixes email related problem.

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