verify Yandex Mail account
December 2 2018

How to verify Yandex Mail

An error occurred

“This message cannot be sent because it looks like spam.
It’s possible that you have sent too many messages today. Your ability to send messages will be restored in approximately 24 hours after you stop trying to send messages.More information about the causes of this error can be read here.”

This message cannot be sent because it looks like spam. It's possible that you have sent too many messages today.

The above problem occurs when emails powered by Yandex Email faces errors. This can be solved by setting profile completely & correctly.

When the messages like : “Message cannot be sent because it looks like spam” (“Spam limit exceeded” or “Message rejected under suspicion of SPAM”) or a prompt to enter a captcha code, this may be caused by the following:

  • Similar messages like spam or using template email
  • May be out of daily limit 
  • When the account is marked as suspicious
  • When messages are sent to non-existent email address 
  • When sent emails are marked as spam. 

For these all reasons, it is necessary to verify Yandex Email account.

Follow the steps to verify the profile.

Login to Yandex Profile 

Go to :


Yandex email problem

Verify alternative emails and add mobile phone number.

Steps to verify mobile phone number. 

  • Input mobile phone number including country code. Example : +9779851012345
  • Wait for SMS sent by Yandex Mail.
  • Input the SMS code in the code box and input the password.

Once mobile phone number is verified. The below success message will appear:

Verify Yandex Email passport

Verification of Social networks is not mandatory.

verify Yandex Mail account
Verified Account
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