August 28 2019

Live Chat Support is a live chat support & messaging application in which we can communicate between tawk and customers who are online in website. Some lines of inserted codes in website can help to interact with live visitors. The platform allows to reach customers directly to website, mobile app or from a customized page. It also provides free services to Mac OS X, Android, Window, iOS. Comparison with all Modern web browsers, It is a freemium software created for growing need for businesses to response in real time with real people.

Shortcut can be created to use answer similar questions by simply typing.

There are many features of tawk, which are as follows :

1) World’s leading best free live chat provider.
2) Excellent messaging software.
3) Communication solution for business starters.
4) Simple and easy to use.
5) Enhances support customer interaction.
6) Converts chat into ticket.
7) Easy to see IP address of visitors.
8) Easy to know visitor of originating country.
9) Direct Message can be sent with other Agents, and create Group Chats.
10) Proactively Engaging visitors with automatic chatting system which can be managed by triggers.

Entire processes have been described below which helps to setup easily.

1) Open “Web Browser” and type  or download by searching in Google

2. Click on for Windows|

3)    Click on Get App(Both 32BIT & 64BIT OS) which helps to run on both version of Windows.

4) Click on Downloaded File.

5)  Fill up the detail with Username, Email & New Password then press button in “Signup for free”.


6) Click on Setup Later.

7) Login to account by typing details then click on Sign In button.

8) Now your account is ready.

9) The details of chat are as follows 

i) Originating Country
ii) Chat Id
iii) IP address
iv) Website pages
v) No referrer means the visitor came directly to website, where Facebook appears it means that message is sent by Facebook application.
vi) Message is sent from Chrome Browser and the operating system is Mac OS X.
vii) It’s shows the time of user from how long he/she is online.

10) Select a agent to chat.

11) Type a message to sent agent and press “Enter” button.

12) The window is described as follows

i) This converts existing chat into support ticket so it can started conversation in email.
ii) This show the conversion into textual format.
iii) It will help entire conversation to print.
iv) While chatting we can take Notes so we can see or any other client can see.

Nischal Bhagat
Nischal Bhagat

Nischal Bhagat is currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology & Computing at Itahari International College. He has passion of Technology, Social Media, Programming, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. He is currently affiliated with Pracas Infosys where he handles Support & Updates of Website issues, fixes email related problem.