January 12 2019

Start Unicode Nepali Typing in 2 Minutes

Nepali Unicode helps to type Nepali easily. When you type “Ram” it will automatically type “राम”. So it will eliminate the pain of Nepali Typing.

Few steps have been described below to type Nepali easily. This system generates Unicode Format which can be converted to preeti or kantipur as per as choice.


  1. Download Google Input Tools Offline installer : Click Here to download files. Extract the .zip file, two files have been extracted in download folder. 


2. Install both “Application” by clicking “Run”


3. The installation is completed. 



4. Go to Task Bar to choose Language. It can be shifted by pressing “ALT” + “Shift” Key. Choose Nepali


5. Press “Windows+R”. “Run” dialog box will appear. Type “winword” and enter or open Microsoft Word or any typing program. 

6. After opening Microsoft Word start typing in English. When the proper letters are used it will suggest options as shown below. 


7. Start typing 



8. Continue typing 


Note : This can be saved as document or printed. 




Dipak Bohora
Dipak Bohora

Dipak Bohora is Data Manager of Sriyog.Com. He has interest in Web Programming, Social Media Marketing & Graphics Designing. He has been affiliated with Pracas Infosys since 2017 as Intern and now he handles data management of Sriyog.Com which provides opportunities in multiple skills.