send bigger files in email
April 29 2018

How to send BIG Files in EMail

WeTransfer is a company which was founded in 2009 which sends big files through email. A link of download option is sent via email to download large files. Generally email supports 25 MB of file attachment size but the problem occurs when we need to send larger files in email. WeTransfer is the best option to send large files. It is browser based system where we don’t need to install any software or programs in our system.

It has both free and paid version of file transfer system. Upgrading WeTransfer plan can help to transfer 20GB of files or folders. It works as simple drag and drop method. Pro Version helps to track downloads, manage transfers and also have access control where passwords can be used for protection.

Here are the process to transfer big files from


  1. Open in browser. 


send bigger files in email


2. In landing page (homepage) of WeTransfer there is a system to upload files and details of sender and receiver. 

i) Receiver’s email – The person whom you are sending the file/ large file.
ii) Your email address – The person who is sending file/ large file.
iii) Any message regarding the file.


wetransfer fill the details


3. Click on “Add your files” to upload any files or folder. Make sure that it accepts only 2 GB of file/ folder size at once. 


send large files in we transfer


4. select any files to upload, multiple selection is also accepted. 


select any files to upload


5. Click on Transfer to start transferring the file. 


click on transfer to send large file


6. The file is started uploading in the server. ( Almost Done). Wait till the success message.


file started uploading in server


7. After complete transfer it gives message of email sent confirmation and also shows the transfer details with sending details, file name, number of files. The download link will be sent to the given email address supplied above. 


transfer completed


Dipak Bohora
Dipak Bohora

Dipak Bohora is Data Manager of Sriyog.Com. He has interest in Web Programming, Social Media Marketing & Graphics Designing. He has been affiliated with Pracas Infosys since 2017 as Intern and now he handles data management of Sriyog.Com which provides opportunities in multiple skills.

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