August 28 2019

Things to Keep in the Website

A website is not only the few lines of code or beautiful layout. Simple websites can be built in few few hours to few days and months too. Following major talent is needed to complete a website. Like a pro team, pro website needs to be made professional as per as the need. Website development cost is very less amount as compared with the status, fastest advertising method, easy to get books, forms, download, reading publications, news & events etc.

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  • Domain Registrar – A person who registers domain name personally, can be a domain manager, or any company who sells domain like Godaddy, NameSilo, NameCheap, CloudFlare etc


  • Web Host Manager – A person who allocated web hosting space in any dedicated, VPS, Reseller, Shared, Grid or hosts website in Raspberry Pi based home server.


  • UX/UI Designer : Making catchy and appealing looks, a person who thinks a lot with viewers perspective and makes website layout.


  • Developer : The designed layout needs to export in HTML/CSS format so developer can make it responsive format, add code, maps, embeds files and more.


  • SEO Manager : Google loves unique, elegant, clean code, speed loading website, so the website must have proper title, header tags managed properly, alt tags for images, unique and friendlier content must be maintained to get good rank in Google and other search engines.


  • QA Tester : Ensuring quality is the most crucial part of website when it is ready to upload. Even a small mistake can ruin the business.

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Major things to manage in website :

  • Form with captcha – Forms are basically placed in logins, contact page, subscription page, user signin process. Bots can be very great pain for forms, they can create users, flood subscription, attack login pages. This can be skipped or saved with Captcha. Google provides the best option of Captcha service as reCaptcha.


  • Flickr Imaging : Storing photos in Flickr will keep original file size and it can be downloaded in multiple sizes as per as our needs. Embedding Flickr photos to any html website/ WordPress based website is very easier. Not only it saves photos, but it also saves loading time of website, options to see images, download images and even easier to print in future.


  • Google Analytics : It helps to show the exact stats, the details from where the visitors are coming in the website, list of keywords, dwelling time in website, tree, bounce rate, current users and data of visitors, device type and more information which is the essential part of every business/ startup and for webmaster too.


  • TAWK : Free chat system which can automatically welcome visitors, chat directly with them from website, monitor visitor source country, know the IP Address, can convert chat to tickets, managing knowledge based system to trigger the link of website of any message. It is similar like welcoming visitors from backend side so it can be easier for anyone to get instant answer or confirmation.


  • Phone Calling Link (tel:) Mobile can be first or second source of website traffic, when someone visits contact page to find phone number, he may needs to copy the number to dial from dial pad. The phone calling link is similar like hyperlink, email link e.g. <a href=”tel:+97798520-25735“>(977) 98520-25735</a> which can automatically dial phone numbers directly from any html page opening dial pad. 

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  • Location Map – Placing exact location map in the website makes visitor easy to reach mentioned location which avoids duplicates, confusion of address, seeing nearest landmark and more it can help to find location in click. Sending location in WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber can be trouble everytime whenever someone visits the premises.


  • 404 error pages – It mostly occurs when website is redesigned with new links, lost links or any links which path has changed. Any 404 page with filename .php,html,htm,jsp can be read by managed by .htaccess so show as 404 error page which displays messages like page is missing, lost and has option of redirecting to homepage or contact page. Blank pages are bad option for Google SEO rank.


  • Favicon : A small icon which is displayed in browser bar. .ico file, png or jpg now a days are displayed with company logo, symbol or can be a pic of blogger in any website / blog/ news website / shopping carts or anywhere which makes easier to identify the webpage when title of website are hidden when multiple tabs are opened.


  • OG Protocol : OG Protocol is the best option to enable rich object in a social graph. Social media pulls OG Protocol data to show the details of Title, Type, Image, URL etc. It shows the structured data when someone shares link in Facebook Post. The options can be Basic Metadata, Optional Metadata, Structured Properties, Arrays, Object Types, Video. The protocol was originally created at Facebook which is inspired by Dublin Core.


  • Authors Name : Best ways to post article, blog, news, event details or any personal thoughts to official blog post helps increase to reach more audience. This can be managed by placing authors code in meta section.

  • CloudFlare : CloudFlare is not web hosting company. It helps to speed website by placing multiple nodes. When someone from Kathmandu browses a website, the website is accessed by its server located in for e.g. France. When someone from Biratnagar browses website,  CloudFlare shows the cached data from Kathmandu node. It helps to speed up website loading speed. Secures from DDOS attacks and has many options to secure, speed, manage website.


  • Google Tag Manager in all websites : JavaScript and HTML tags are used for tracking and analyzing website. The tag management system is created by Google. Snippets of code of tracking pixels are deployed to manage marketing tags. Differentiating Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics is GTM is inserted in website including analytics tags which takes data from website and sends it to Google Analytics then analyzes, tracks, monitors data.
  • Head , Meta, Description, Keywords : Options to let know search engine robots, crawlers to know your website strength, matching keywords, alt tags in images, description of page helps to get good ranks in search engine optimization which plays great role in backend. Rankbrain is Google new Machine learning based search engine algorithm, which was confirmed by Google on 26 October 2015 which processes search results to provide the exact or relevant results to search queries. The website must be good in managing head, meta, description, keywords.

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  • ALT Tags for images & hyperlinks : Whenever someone searches “Steve Jobs” in Google Images, Google shows the result from it’s stored images whose file names are mentioned as “Steve Jobs”. The new algorithm of Face Detection technology has helped to identify and show results of images in its image search result. Inserting alt tags helps to identify and this is good option to be showcased result in Google Image search result.


  • Contact Form Mailer : Form mailer helps to avoid writing messages from Web Based email system like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo. A short and sweet message can be directly sent from contact page or any page where form has been embedded or scripted. This can be simple 3/4 box form with multiple option of forms to get subscribe, send resume, forms for application or option of collecting large information.


  • Business Email : When a businessman, an employee or any person from any organisation emails to anyone then using Gmail, Hotmail or any other emails creates less impacts. A bank can never have emails like Having corporate email not only creates impacts but it helps to secure data when someone leaves the company and it can be great pain for data migration.


  • Google Search Console formerly Google Webmaster Tool : Submitting website in Google Webmaster section allows website to check the status of optimization, indexing visibility of website. Google Search Console is the rebranded name of Google Webmaster Tools which was announced on 20 May 2015. It evaluates and maintain the performance of website in search results. The service is provided free of charge for webmasters.

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  • Twitter / Facebook Widgets : Social media presence helps to ease process for announcing news, notice, updates, uploading photos and more. Placing Twitter update feed, Facebook page feed makes website very interactive and also it helps to avoid spending time for logging website when the website is managed by third party providers. Few clicks can spread messages to million people.
  • Google Translate : When a visitor from Japan visits a website which is in English can be trouble for a person who is expert in Japanese but not in English. The free translation system developed by Google helps to automatically translate the website language forcely. It can be good alternative when a small button is placed in any corner of website, making easier for visitor to change the language.


  • Social Sharing Buttons : Social Media Sharing is the best way to promote website socially. It can grow faster. Social Sharing buttons catches the viewer’s eye and also it makes easy to share any website, page or any post. The concept of Growthhacking helps to attract more visitors. When someone shares a news in Facebook, it reaches to their friend list.


  • Social Presence : Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn pages are very informative way to showcase the details, information, videos, photos, announcement of any business or companies. People can be Fan page on facebook and followers in Twitter. These works as alternative to advertising of products.


  • Hello Bar : A sleek bar, pop up banner, a subscription box. Multiple options to show message, links of new blog post, announcement in website or any newsletter links can be easily managed with Hello Bar. Hello Bar has multiple options to Convert visitors into customers  and they have mentioned in their website. It supports installations as HTML, segment, Big Commerce, Ucraft, GoDaddy’s website builder and has WordPress plugin too.
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