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    Website Redesigning
    Website Redesigning Nepal : It is necessary to change & upgrade
    the website. The upgrade includes Website Technical Audit,
    Competitor Analysis, Redesigning & Search Engine Optimization.
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    Digital Media Marketing
    Promote your products online. Having presence online
    helps reaching millions of customers in single click.
    The best and effective way to boost your brand globally.
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    Corporate & Business Email
    Having a business email gives the good impression. It is very
    safe, secure and hosted in cloud so no need to
    worry about system crash, backup and security.

Business Email

pracas infosys email
It has now been very important for your business to convey a serious image to distinguish itself in today´s saturated online market. Success of the business and high customer attraction are purely dependent upon the professional looks of the company. If you follow professionalism, you will be where you want to be.

We believe that there can be no more effective and faster way to convey professionalism online other than having personalized email accounts which intend to establish confidence with all your customers.

Giving out personal email to customers/ clients would look too old fashioned. Now, it is time to switch to personalized email accounts which adds ´class´ to you, your employees, and your organization, overall.

Having a corporate email helps you to expand your business, when people see your email as yahoo, Having Hotmail or Gmail, its hard to make know them that you have website, but when you have email like prakash@sriyog.com , people easily know that you have website and they open it, it also makes people feel very reliable and trustworthy.

Its like having own cellphone rather than shared landlines in your home or in office, like the same way EPBAX or intercom works.

The corporate email is very good option when your company has different departments like sales, purchase, support and likewise, even your employee leaves your company, you wont loose the email data.